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January 29 2018

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I’m sure this exists but I can’t find it right now


My favorite taz art is when you can’t really tell which twin is which because they totally dress the same (except that fucking hat Lup hates that hat) because they both dress the same. Hear me out. Taako and Lup sharing clothes. She takes the skirt he bought and wears it more than he does and taako pretends not to notice but he does because that’s his favorite skirt and “Lup! We talked about this. Stop stealing my clothes!!” And then he walks in her closet and pulls a Joey and puts a ton of her clothes on and Barry’s denim jacket and goes out to the living quarters and says “Hi I’m Lup could I be wearing any more clothes????” And not even thinking she hits him with like a fireball at like .5% because goddammit taako.






I’m over here dying to have a wife and straight men are still making “marriage ruined my life” jokes. Like? Buddy? First of all that’s never been funny. Second, if you don’t want your wife I’ll take her

​if ppl joke about marriage ruining whatever… bro, you shouldn’t have gotten married and your wife deserves more.

I find myself having to ask this question constantly but as a straight dude am I allowed to reblog this because I relate so hard

Absolutely! I wrote this from a lesbian perspective but I think it’s great that there’s straight guys who can relate. Cherishing your partner should be a universal thing

corporate marketing exec: so, what are the kids into these days, eating tide pods? frogs?

me, scrolling frantically through the data: ma'am, apparently it’s “loving and cherishing your life partner of any gender”

pick-me-ups for writers


for the self-conscious beginner: No one makes great things until the world intimately knows their mediocrity. Don’t think of your writing as terrible; think of it as preparing to contribute something great.

for the self-conscious late bloomer: Look at old writing as how far you’ve come. You can’t get to where you are today without covering all that past ground. For that, be proud.

for the perfectionist: Think about how much you complain about things you love—the mistakes and retcons in all your favorite series—and how you still love them anyway. Give yourself that same space.

for the realist: There will be people who hate your story even if it’s considered a classic. But there will be people who love your story, even if it is strange and unpopular.

for the fanfic writer: Your work isn’t lesser for not following canon. When you write, you’ve created a new work on its own. It can be, but does not have to be, limited by the source material. Canon is not the end-all, be-all. 

for the writer’s blocked: It doesn’t need to be perfect. Sometimes you have to move on and commit a few writing sins if it means you can create better things out of it.

for the lost: You started writing for a reason; remember that reason. It’s ok to move on. You are more than your writing. It will be here if you want to come back.

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Some history buff tell me more about this tho

Oh boy, that fella is Simo Häyhä. He’s Finnish and was nicknamed “The White Death” by the Soviet Union. Using basically a Finnish rip off of the Mosin Nagant and a lil sub machine gun he killed 505 men in the Winter War, which lasted just 100 days. He has the largest confirmed kills of any sniper ever. He was a fucking bad ass.

Do note that’s 505 confirmed men killed. The unconfirmed could be larger. You also forgot the other badass part, he took an incendiary round to the face, dragged his was 25KM back to base, and went into a coma., only waking on the last day of the war. The thing that is often said is that the Russians ended the war because he woke from his slumber.

And to add, he was a farmer with no military training who got back to farming after the war. 

He used to dump water on the snow so the loose snow won’t fly with the gun kickback, and he stuffed his mouth with snow so his breath won’t be detected

The rifle this dude used didn’t have a scope unlike the ones Soviets had. This was because in the almost -40 degrees Celsius weather the scope could have frosted, the glint from the glass could have given him away, it took a bit longer to aim properly with it, it would have required him to raise his head higher which would have made him a bigger target and he just didn’t have the training to use a scoped rifle stolen from the enemy. He preferred to use a rifle he knew how to instead of learning to use a new one.

He lived up to be 96 years old and passed away in 2002.

Finns are to be feared.




Back during the time when it was popular to bash Twilight for both legitimate reasons (Edward being borderline abusive to Bella, the whole child grooming plot point in Breaking Dawn, etc.) and not (REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE THATS GAY), I saw this meme on Facebook where it was Louis and Lestat from Interview With The Vampire commenting on Edward’s sparkling and making fun of him for being gay. Like… Buddy My Guy. My Fair Dude. My Dear Sweet Homophobic Idiot. Not only are the Vampires in IWTV super duper gay, you’re lying to yourself if you think Lestat wouldn’t slam dunk his entire body into a tub of glitter on any given occasion. You Fool. You Imbecile.



Louis: Does he ask our pity? He can walk in the sunlight, whereas we, foul creatures of darkness as we are, are forever barred from God’s kindly li –

Lestat, upending a pound of iridescent craft glitter on his head: SHUT UP LOUIS




han solo is just a dude who made charisma his best stat but can’t roll above a four at any given time

why would you say something so controversial and yet so brave



who here was on tumblr 4+ years ago

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this is the content i signed up for


im a person who wants to do lots of things trapped inside a body that wants to SLEEP at all times



I feel like at this point Carrie Fisher has ascended past just being a revered figure and has kinda passed into myth/goddess level. I don’t just mean people building personal memorials or shrines to her. I mean that there is a genuine, dedicated group of people living their lives in honor of her and who she was and her values, giving thanks to her, asking her for guidance and protection. Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia are not just cultural symbols or inspirations, but as one entity they are seen to watch over and safeguard her ‘followers.’ There are things these followers do in her honor: endeavoring to become more confident and kind, following her footsteps by raising awareness about mental health, speaking out on behalf of minorities and the undervalued. They do these things because these are things Carrie did and entreated others to do. This, essentially, fulfills the classic definition of a religious organization.

Congratulations, Carrie. You’re a goddess in our eyes.

I’ve thought about adding her in my ancestor veneration



i love these things bc all i can think is “someone’s bard is really angry”




a necromancer is just a really late healer

“you’re too late, doc, he’s…he’s already dead…”

*cracks knuckles* i didnt get my medical license revoked for nothing

January 28 2018







avatar aang is…..my dad


disappeared when i needed him most

hey so this was a good post and all and im glad i got to collaborate with you but i just realized your url was “waluigis-penis” and i would like a refund, please,

suck my waluweenie



TAAKO: hey, lup. how was your day 


TAAKO: don’t know why i fuckin bother









The Stanford prison experiment tapes were so stupid when I watched them in AP psych and so stupid when I watch this film about them. Literally they could’ve all sat and played cards and got $15 a day to tell ghost stories all day and be best friends. But masculinity and whiteness and power created this violent irrationality that positioned young ass men to be met with brutality and trauma and disrespect even when it was obviously taken too far. and it makes no sense. If someone put me in a room with Black girls and said I would get paid $90 a day (that’s the equivalent apparently) to be a prison guard, do you know how fast I’d be sitting with them and learning about them and exchanging Instagrams and like.. sleeping.. like what the fuck was the point of any of that…

My psych teacher introduced us to this study and literally before she showed us was like “don’t ever confuse a study based on one type of person (white men/boys) to be an example of an Everyman situation. There is strong evidence that if this was recreated with diversity, or even just with girls, that the results would have been drastically different. This is an example of bias and sexism in the medical research community.”

“Other, more subtle factors also shaped the experiment. It’s often said that the study participants were ordinary guys—and they were, indeed, determined to be “normal” and healthy by a battery of tests. But they were also a self-selected group who responded to a newspaper advertisement seeking volunteers for “a psychological study of prison life.” In a 2007 study, the psychologists Thomas Carnahan and Sam McFarland asked whether that wording itself may have stacked the odds. They recreated the original ad, and then ran a separate ad omitting the phrase “prison life.” They found that the people who responded to the two ads scored differently on a set of psychological tests. Those who thought that they would be participating in a prison study had significantly higher levels of aggressiveness, authoritarianism, Machiavellianism, narcissism, and social dominance, and they scored lower on measures of empathy and altruism.”


The thing about this study is that whether or not it’s generalizable to the public is debatable at best.

But it’s certainly generalizable to the population of people who tend to be drawn to prison system and law enforcement jobs because that’s exactly the demographics that tend to show up in those positions.

“But it’s certainly generalizable to the population of people who tend to be drawn to prison system and law enforcement jobs because that’s exactly the demographics that tend to show up in those positions.”


It is worth noting that, in fact, the BBC replicated this experiment in 2001 with very different results. Instead of recruiting volunteers for a psychological study of prison life, they advertised the experiment

“It asked ‘Do you really know yourself’ and asked for men to take part in a social science experiment to be shown on TV. It warned that the research would be a challenge and involve ‘hardship, hunger, solitude, anger’.

In the case of the BBC Prison Experiment, the mock prison did not devolve into the torturous, abusive hellishness of the Stanford Prison Experiment–even though the experimenters very deliberately attempted to create conditions that would destroy cohesion among the prisoners and encourage authoritarian behavior from the guards. Prisoners were told that they might be able to be promoted to guardhood in an effort to keep them divided, shaved upon entry to the prison, and the guards were encouraged to create the rules of the prison and enforce them in any way they saw fit. 

It’s important to note that one of the very first things the experimenters noted was that the guards were, at the very outset, uneasy about the status differences between themselves and the prisoners and conscious of their power. 

Because food–both quantity and quality–were very salient and powerful status treatment differences in the prison, there was almost immediately a showdown over food. (Prisoners were fed much, much smaller and worse-tasting food than the guards, and indeed prisoners were made to serve the guards their meals and watch them eat in part so everyone would be aware of these status issues.) 

The guards almost immediately felt guilty and attempted to share their sausages with the prisoners by giving them the guards’ leftovers… and the prisoners immediately go “not until we consult with the other prisoners,” and then collectively decide to refuse absolutely to take small rewards from guards in lieu of the right to good food. 

Guards tried repeatedly throughout the study to get prisoners to see them as basically equal, bar the circumstances of their current positions; prisoners instead repeatedly pointed out the actual circumstances of their current situation placed them at very different power levels indeed and insisted that guards actually change the system in order to make the conditions fair and equal. In general, prisoners quickly and collectively exploited the guards’ shame at the unequal conditions in order to receive fair treatment. 

At this point, out of curiosity, the experimenters introduced a new prisoner into the system, one who had been trained as a trades unionist… 

….and this unionist prisoner quickly chose to approach a disaffected guard, empathize with his unhappiness, and turn the blame for the situation at the unequal and unfair conditions set in the prison. Those conditions, of course, were set not by the guards–they were set by the experimenters. The very first thing, then, that this unionist does is build bridges to unify all the people in the prison. 

Prisoners steal the guards’ keys; guards choose instead of “cracking down” or punishing the prisoners to ask politely for the prisoners to help them find the keys, and cheerfully accept them when provided. This gives prisoners leverage for a negotiation, which is then deftly picked up by the experienced negotiator (although not without some pushback from another charismatic and decisive prisoner). 

Here’s what the negotiator had to say:

Negotiations begin. pDM outlines the forum proposal. One of the Guards points out that the Prisoners are asking to be rewarded for stealing the keys. pDM responds by outlining a stark choice. Certainly the Guards can refuse to accept his plan, but the alternative is a return to conflict: “It’ll not be the keys tomorrow, it’ll be something else. It’s a game. All I’m saying is that there is a way to resolve that game”.

pDM is confident. He knows he speaks for the Prisoners. The Guards, even in their own mess, are despondent. They know that they can’t handle the Prisoners. And so they accept the new order. Even if they have given up much of their power, at least this system might work and offer them some respite:

gTM: I’m in high spirits after that.
gBG: It actually went alright. This geezer is alright. We can all deal
         with him.

At this point, experimenters withdrew the negotiator to see what would happen to the egalitarian vision he set out. As it turned out, the prisoners peacefully overthrew the rule of guards (by, effectively, mounting a sitdown protest in the guard’s sanctuary) and decided instead to organize an egalitarian commune for the remainder of the experiment. 

so OP’s really not that far off the mark! 

So literally the only thing the Stanford experiment proved is “all cops are bastards,” and the followup demonstrated that, in the absence of bastards, socialism works?


no offence but nothing will ever be more emotionally impacting then ‘despite everything, it’s still you’

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