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September 10 2017


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Star Wars





i wonder if korra had always known she was bisexual or if she saw asami one day and thought lmao ok if i was straight at one point i’m not anymore

i have this headcanon that when she was younger and found out katara was married to her in her past life korra would get excited and be all “does that me you’re my wife?” and then if someone was rude to katara young korra would yell something like “don’t talk to my wife like that!” and just basically assume being with women was okay simply because she’s already been with them in past lives

I love seeing the lok fandom on my dash simply for cute shit like this man

Tenzin: Korra, go to your room

Korra: I AM YOUR FATHER, Tenzin go to your room



Concept: I finish school. The job I work isn’t my dream job but I enjoy doing it greatly still. It pays enough to cover everything I might need. My bills are never overdue. Money is not a thought in my head. I have a place to live. So do my dogs. It is nice and warm, I have some plants, my bookshelves are full, my sheets are always clean. There is time to read at the end of a day. I read a lot. Thinking is a good thing. I meet up with friends regularly, old and new. They love me. We make memories. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I travel a few times a year, always different places. The places I see steal my breath away. The people I meet teach me of life. They are good. There is no war. The sea calls to me and pay visit. I am independent. I am content.

we are such a sad generation. the dream is a modest and decent life.

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September 09 2017


don’t trust anyone that hates Chloe Price.

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I Don’t Think Jacob’s Captors Let Him Go By Accident

by reddit user nowwegotcha

Jacob became one popular dude during my sophomore year of high school, two years ago. In the middle of the year, he just showed up. His family had moved him away from their old home, but his reputation somehow got loose in the hallways.

At the age of twelve, Jacob had been kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night. His parents had been apparently drugged by an unknown person, and their son had been stolen. No one even called the police until the parents woke up. No witnesses, fingerprints, ransom notes, nothing.

Keep reading

This is a very good read.

Definitely one of the best I’ve read!

Honestly, this is amazing and dark. Gets my gears grinding, I so recommend you try it out omg.

concept playlists;


you’re lying on mossy forest floors, slowly transforming into a nymph, your fingers are turning into flower vines, your limbs are bleeding honey & growing thick skins of sepia bark, wings sprout in between your shoulder blades. your breath sounds like the wind. fireflies litter the air above you

you’re hold up in an abandoned church, outside there’s a raging storm & a horde of zombies roaming around, pressing up against the entrance doors. you & a small band of survivors are staying inside for the night in hopes to ride the bad weather out. you take first watch & listen to these tunes on an old ipod while everyone else tries to get some rest & the undead crawl outside, awaiting the taste of human flesh.

you’re in your boyfriend’s pickup. he’s asleep in the passenger seat, you’re driving without a destination in mind & you have the window down as you let the cool night air whip against your face in a state of pleasant delirium

you’re on a rooftop somewhere, there’s 5 am air on your skin, streetlights glint like coins at the bottom of wishing wells from where you sit. you’re feeling peaceful for the first time all week

you’re lying in the middle of a crop circle forty miles from your grandma’s old house waiting for aliens to come and abduct you

it’s four pm in the afternoon and you’ve got your head in the lap of the only boy you’ve ever loved & you’re reading jane eyre & he’s sipping on tea & it’s the kind of weather where it’s just warm enough for you to pretend it’s summer & it’s drizzling & you’re listening to the rain beat softly against the windowpanes

you’re curled up in bed as it pours outside, there’s a citywide blackout and the last candle you had left has finally blown out, but you feel strangely at peace within the warm, all-consuming dark

you’re making out in the bathroom of a house party with someone that makes you feel like you’ve swallowed the sun

you’re standing amidst a city you burned to the ground. the apocalypse has come & gone. all that’s left is ashes & mortar & sad bones but you’re feeling empowered. a slow smile creeps up your lips as you realize how you’ve always wanted to watch the world burn

you wander into wonderland and now you’re suddenly being crowned fairie queen, apparently there’s a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled 

it’s mid morning but it’s dark outside from the rain. you thought the tapping on the window was from the rain but it’s actually a crow that flickers out of sight when you look directly at it

you’re sipping on cherry cola by the pool on a lazy sunday & you’re feeling younger than you’ve ever been

you’re summoning old ghosts in an abandoned parking lot on a smoggy thursday night

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So Delta flight 302 flew in to San Juan, picked up passengers, and threaded one arm of Irma on the way out. The pilot basically said “hold my beer” and took on a hurricane.

I am not entirely convinced that Poe Dameron was not flying this plane, to be honest.

You can read the Twitter thread here.

Everything about that story was amazing. Delta probably set a record for the turnaround too.

“And if the passengers would look out of the starboard window, they will see A MOTHERFUCKING HURRICANE. ALSO A HURRICANE TO PORT AS WELL.”

My dude landed and took off in less than an hour and squeezed between the arm of the hurricane and the core:

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Moulin Rouge! dir. Baz Luhrmann 



i still can’t believe hiveswaps gonna be E10+. thats so surreal to me. the game based on hit webcomic “ouija board of cock” homestuck ain’t gonna say fuck. not even once

Graph by @polyglotplatypus


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Remake the prequels remake the prequels remake the prequels remake the prequels remake the prequels remake the prequels remake the prequels REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS REMAKE THE PREQUELS

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friendly reminder that


- It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
- there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
- I bless the rains down in Africa
- it’s gonna take some time to do the things we never had



ok i think ive come up with a playlist that encompasses all known uniquely human experiences:

“arsonists lullaby” by hozier, “closer” by nine inch nails, “running up that hill (a deal with god)” by kate bush, and “loveshack” by the B-52s.

these experiences are, of course: arson, horny depression, 3 am manic episode trying to bargain with god, and when youve got you a car thats as big as a whale and youre heading on down to the love shack

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♪Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when
Our common goal was waiting for the world to end♪
By: thejennire 
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September 08 2017

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September 07 2017

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pictured: a brave man rejecting heterosexual alcohol

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captain america winter solider is the best goddamn marvel movie i’ve watched it over 20 times and each time it’s still the best shit ever

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