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July 08 2017

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Little Miss Sunshine (2006) dir. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris

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July 07 2017

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My fucking hero forever.

Forever my queen


I hate tumblr as much as the next guy but at least we still see dashboard posts in chronological order instead of the bullshit random order of instagram and facebook where stuff from days ago appears right below stuff that was just posted

July 05 2017

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A sequel to my top 10 disturbing documentaries

  1. Through the Wormhole: Is there Life After Death: My most favorite one because it’s on a topic, that’s my life goal to answer scientifically. Morgan Freedman dives deep into this question, using neuroscience and quantum physics as an attempt to figure out an answer. 
  2. Extraordinary People: The Little MermaidThe story of Shiloh Pepin, the girl who was born with her legs fused together so she resembles a mermaid. This website described it as “her incredible story is a rollercoaster of emotions—one minute, you’re laughing at her precocious, adorable personality, the next you’re crying at the injustice of the world and her beyond-her-years wisdom.”
  3. The Boy Who Lived BeforeFascinating reincarnation case about a 5 year old boy who remembers a past life. 
  4. The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes: Ben Underwood had his eyes removed at the age of 3 because of retinal cancer. But he uses echolocation (like dolphins) to do many things like get around and even play sports. 
  5. The Twins Who Share a Body: Take a look into the world of twins who share one body. 
  6. Magic of the Unconscious: Your unconscious mind is a lot more powerful than you think
  7. A Virus Called FearThe power of fear and what irrational fear can lead to. This is a short documentary, about 20 minutes.
  8. The Brain, Sensory Deprivation and Isolation: Six ordinary people faced complete sensory deprivation. What happens to the brain when this happens? I couldn’t find the full documentary and linked you to the video with program highlights.
  9. The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time: Dive into the world of Pompeii, an ancient city destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius, where there are the hardened remains of people in the last few seconds of their lives. 
  10. Children of Darkness: Tragic as it is interesting, this oscar winning documentary explores the lives of mentally ill children and exposes the abuse they faced in Eastern State School and Hospital. 

These all sound fascinating tbh


all being raised Catholic does is give you anxiety and weird themes you like in art

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b r o k e n.

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Sorry, Dad. I couldn't think of a nice way to say "America Stinks!"

The Simpsons, Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington (1991) dir. Wes Archer

Happy 4th of July from Lisa Simpson!!! 👏 👏 👏


The floor is bi women and lesbians defending and uplifting each other

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July 04 2017





new gender spectrum idea lads

for bonus eridan apologists

there is only one logical conclusion

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I hate you all.

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Me too Daisy, me too.







cashier: sorry for your wait. we’re short-staffed today

millennial: oh that’s ok no worries :)

 baby boomer:

But listen that’s the thing. 

We are short staffed almost 97% of the time at my retail job. Because corporate has figured out you can overwork 4 people at minimum wage instead of paying for the 8 people you should probably have to be on the clock.  

Baby boomers grew up with stores that were adequately staffed, with workers who most likely had weeks of training for their jobs as opposed to the 1-2 shadow shift training we get now. Also those workers most likely were able to be full time if they wanted. Now retail, except for management positions, is mostly made up of part time workers, because you don’t have to give them benefits. So you have a workforce of perpetually underpaid, overwhelmed, undertrained people trying to do their best all while dealing with an entire generation of people who refuse to acknowledge that the system has changed and the average retail worker has NO control over that change and is being taken advantage of.

Like we got our customer surveys back, and almost every single one mentioned that they couldn’t find someone to help them or we needed more people on register because it was TOO SLOW, but what did management tell us instead of scheduling more people? We need to be quicker on register and call for backup if necessary. Which makes no sense because we can’t call for backup THAT ISN’T THERE.

Y'all my parents haven’t worked retail since the 70s and they absolutely never believe me about the things that happen at work. I explain the schedule for next week gets hung up on the Friday before and they scoff and go “well when i worked at X they had it a month up your manager is just lazy.” No mom, its company policy to only do “two weeks” in advance. They won’t give you a full month’s scheduling in advance cause it let’s you plan for a world outside of work.

Or about the hours, workload or anything. They just assume its an individual’s failing instead of corporate mandate. Or, if they do believe me (that its company policy) they call it ridiculous and point out some survey that argues its Good Business to do (insert decent thing here).As if they think the higher ups don’t know this and are simply ignorant of Good Business Practices. They don’t understand that retail has completely shifted from caring about its employees to squeezing out every penny now instead of investing it for later.

Cause that isn’t how it was when they worked and they just can’t seem to see otherwise.

   I think there should be a ‘bring-your-parent-to-work-day’ instead of ‘bring-your-kid-to-work-day’, it would shock so many parents and would probably make them finally realize how much retail indeed has changed in the US.

when i first got hired as a cashier, my manager who had been doing that since she was like 17 in 1975 told me that back in The Days, when you were hired as a cashier in a grocery store it was a) a well paid job & you could get full time work easily b) a respected career choice c) the store closed at 6pm and was closed on Sundays so the hours were a lot more pleasant d) they made you go to cashier school for 2 weeks, which was basically a fake grocery store and you just learned the trade completely before even meeting a customer
now its like : you get like 20 hours a week, bullshit shifts like 3:45 to 10:15, a 20 minutes training before being thrown to the wolves, customers tell you you deserve your shitty lowlife job as soon as you don’t thoroughly kiss their ass

The millennial experience is tied to growing income inequality and the indentured servitude of student loan debt




Fuck you

Yikes. Never hit a block button faster in my life.

July 03 2017

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Bratz - Pretty ‘N Punk (2005)

Local tax collectors hate him!!



Man takes tax evasion to a whole new level: house won’t stop fucking moving

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Soon I will bench press a tank

July 02 2017


have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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Fun Facts About The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie pt 1

Reasons why this is still one of the coolest films ever.

This film is the reason I’m a filmmaker and Tim burton is my favorite director

Also a fun fact:

Tim Burton did not direct The Nightmare Before Christmas

Henry Selick never gets the credit he deserves for this movie, and Coraline (which he also directed) never gets the credit it deserves for being total genius.

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